Man-made Range

2014, ongoing project

Digital C-print, Diasec mounted in two pieces of 175 x 260 cm, total size 350 x 260 cm

Shots taken from an open helicopter in 3000 m height at the Dolomites, Italy

Hockey stick Curve of Global Warming in Nature


Leaf Shutter Telescope / View #1

Leaf Shutter Telescope / View #2

Leaf Shutter Telescope / Dimensions

Leaf Shutter Telescope View #3

Leaf Shutter Telescope View #4

Man-made Range

A mountain range, which strongly resembles the so called hockey stick curve – the often quoted and discussed curve about global warming made by climate researcher Michael Mann – is marked by adding the year dates and coordinates of the curve, which are engraved into the rocks.
The range is located in the Italian Dolomites, the Eastern foothills of the Cadini peaks, facing the famous 3 Cime di Lavaredo in a 30 degree angle.
Aerial photographs were taken from a helicopter in front of the range at an altitude of 3000 m height in summer 2013. The range itself will be an object of climate observation and will reflect the scientific method in order to validate what it claims and predicts, by displaying the curve in its silhouette.
The landart piece shows the scientific curve in 3D ‘enlarged’ from a sheet of paper.

The project focus on the shift of the term ‘nature’ in its passage of time: Massive interventions have been done in the region during World War I blasting whole ranges. Access for mass tourism has been established starting in the mid 19th century as well as other types of leisure and commercially driven activities as car races in the the middle of the 20th century. Today the region is a nature heritage site, but the exploitive intervention into nature remains the predominant perspective of action.

The project is carried out with support of Commune di Auronzo, Nicola Fagherazzi, John Schellnhuber, PIK Potsdam and Michael Mann, ESSC.

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